rising tideThe Rising Tide Centre has recently been established to assist entrepreneurs and start up businesses in the New Ross area and to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship in the town environs. The shared office enterprise space at The Rising Tide Centre, based over three floors at 35 South Street, New Ross, Co Wexford, is an initiative from the €2.1m Wales/Ireland EU Interreg-funded Rising Tide Project.

The centre is jointly promoted by the JFK Trust and Wexford Local Development which contributed significant financial assistance towards the fitting out of the offices. The centre also has links to Waterford Institute of Technology’s innovation centre, ArcLabs.

The centre is comprised of 6 fully fitted offices, each for 3-5 people; desk spaces available in the shared, open plan offices are suited to one or two-person businesses. Larger businesses have the option of leasing a whole office for sole use.

The shared office space nature of the centre is inspired by the coworking model which originated in the San Francisco and is gaining popularity in Ireland. Coworking is an alternative to working from home for consultants, entrepreneurs and creatives.

The enterprise space provides entrepreneurs and start-up businesses in the south east, particularly south west Wexford, south Kilkenny and New Ross an affordable base for their businesses in a town centre. Click here for details of the businesses already operating from The Rising Tide Centre.

More information on the new centre can be found here.





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