One of many vital things in any business is the initial first impression. A great first impression can easily make a sale while a bad first impression can easily lose customers. It is not easy to create a good first impression if you are forced to have the meeting inside a coffee shop or at your home, rather than in a private business office.  What about missed phone calls because you’re too busy to pick up, or out at meetings, or trying to generate new business because you have no support to help you with that.  Nevertheless is commercial office space not pricey? Or should you opt for a home office?Or is there another alternative?

Instead of either of the above solutions why don’t you consider serviced offices.  If you have that all important business meeting and want to give that professional appearance you can rent the office space for a day. All you have to do is arrange your meetings to fit on a few days each month and just rent the office for those specific days rather than having to rent it all the time. But why not rent the office space for longer? The advantages of doing this become clear once you have taken that all important first step.  You can share commercial office space with a variety of other companies, not only would you share space, you can also share ideas.   But the best part of this flexibility, however, is the cost savings realised by your business. You only pay for the space and services that have been tailored to fit your needs.  This is perfect for sole traders, start ups or for a new branch office to an existing firm.  Such offices are designed to maximize productivity and reduce monthly costs.

With such a Serviced furnished office you get more than just an office.  You can get a total package of features including the right support staff providing the highest level of services to you and your clients, impressive reception areas and professionally trained staff to answer telephone calls in your company name and greet people on your behalf. This will ensure that your business is presented with the right image. 

So on reflection, what are your options - you will discover advantages and disadvantages to both commercial office space and a home office. The commercial office costs a considerable fee every month, generally ties you in to a fairly long lease but will present a more professional image to potential customers and business partners. A home office costs much less to put together and enables you to work extended hours since you do not have to drive back and forth from work every day, but it does seem just a little unprofessional to some clients and allows more and more people access to your home than you might like.   It would appear then that for a small start up business that serviced offices could be the best solution all around. It keeps the costs down and gives the professional image that your company requires and it also keeps your home life separate – as it should be!

A Virtual Office can give your company a prestigious address and presence in a new or existing area/location without the need for a full-time office.

Professional staff will answer your telephone calls in your company name and redirect phone calls to you wherever you are, alternatively they can take messages and email them to you or transfer callers to your voicemail.

It is an ideal way to ensure that your organisation never misses that important phone call whilst increasing the profile and professional image of your business.  Because a missed call is lost business and loss of that all important income.

A Virtual Office can provide you with a dedicated phone number and address reflecting a prominent location but without the need to actually be there.  This service allows you to tele-work from wherever you are based home, abroad or on the road.  You can be confident your calls, faxes and mail will be handled and forwarded swiftly and efficiently to wherever you want them.

Typical facilities and services provided are: -

• Your own telephone number professionally answered in your company name.
• Prestigious business address.
• Use of business centre’s fax number and equipment.
• Digital mail box – voice mail.
• Receiving and handling of incoming mail.
• Option of having your calls transferred to another location/number,.


This article has been contributed by Anne Kelly, Manager of the Sirius Business Centre in Galway, Ireland which specialises in the provision of both Serviced and Virtual Office facilities, full details of which are available at .


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